Debut album "Little Truths," named of the "Top 20 Albums of 2015" by Motif Magazine.

"Heartfelt and genuine, the trio come together to create amazing compositions that will stick with the listener." - Vanyaland

"Passion that could be felt shining though the performance. Glenn pours himself into every line of every song, with a rawness seemingly drawn from his personal experiences." - Pancakes and Whiskey

"When Glenn sings, he feels it—the music, the song, the lyrics, the truth. You can tell that he sings of a deep and personal truth. Behind the jokes is someone who was meant to play music." - 95.5 WBRU

"Tracks like Wild Sun’s “Easy Way Out” bring drama to Smith’s lyrics, swooning and romantic." - Glide Magazine

"Full of irresistible vibes, wit, and charm, their album is fresh, honest and soothingly relatable." - New Noise Magazine

"You won't find a more convincing probe of troubled relationships in today's 21st century world." - SoundWaves

"From the album’s opener, “Shy Hinges,” to the prolific number “Monterey,” the band takes the listener through a ride of rock-rooted alternative numbers, each as passionate as the one before it." - Under the Gun Review

"The old rock & roll sound will throw you to a few decades past. Wild Sun has that sound that you probably haven't heard in a long time; the balance of old rock songs with that modern alternative touch that will make you want more."  - Loudlight News

"Something for the bashful at heart with the glittering and shimmering chord pop of “Shy Hinges” - Impose Magazine

"Their album, 'Little Truths,' is so fresh and powerful. Just starting out, Wild Sun already has a relatable, pure, and mature sound." - The Edge

"An original act that restores faith in the local scene." - SO Rhode Island

"Spooky good power trio with hooky DNA." - The Day

"They've been praised by music critics and when they recently played Pianos in Manhattan's Lower East Side, they sang to a sell out crowd. The live show is something to be's passionate, energetic, and people respond." - The Westerly Sun